Make a change this Secondhand September

septiembre 7, 2021

Back in 2019, UK charity Oxfam launched its new Secondhand September campaign. The aim is to help rethink consumers’ habits and encourage us to buy secondhand or vintage clothes instead of new items as the autumn season begins.

According to Oxfam GB, 13 million used clothing items end up in landfills in the UK every week. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world due to high demand, so sharing our wardrobes with others makes a lot of sense.

Being a responsible shopper and thinking about the planet – not just the latest trends – should always be the priority. So here are some tips on how to make the change this September and beyond.

Buy online

Today, technology allows us to sell and buy secondhand or vintage clothes online using apps like Vinted or Depop, where you can directly shop from other people’s wardrobes. This is a great way to shape your style and acquire unique pieces.

Swap with friends and family

Another fun way to revamp your wardrobe, save money and make an activity of it all is to swap clothes with your friends or family. There are many excellent pieces in our parents’ and grandparents’ closets. Wearing these is a sustainable way to bring new pieces into your own wardrobe.

Launder less

It’s great to be shopping more sustainably, but caring for your wardrobe should not stop there. According to washing machine firm AEG, 90% of all clothing is discarded far earlier than needed, and as much as 70% of these items are thrown away due to faded colors, shrinkage or damage from overwashing.

Taking care of your clothes properly is an important step which you should never miss. Laundering as little as possible and using garments with antibacterial treatments that make the garment stay fresh longer will minimize the waste dramatically.

Fix and mend

Another brilliant way to prolong the lifetime of your garments is by repairing them. There are many great tutorials online on changing the button or fixing a hole in your sock. If the job is more complex and you feel that you don’t have enough equipment, go to your local tailor. Supporting the local business and prolonging the life of your clothes is great for the environment and one step forward to a sustainable way of living.

Buying secondhand pieces help lower the demand for new clothing to be produced
You can sell and buy secondhand clothing using apps like Depop, Poshmark, or Vinted