#PolygienePartner of the month: Gregory

julio 26, 2021
At the age of 14, Wayne Gregory designed his first backpack for a Boy Scout project. His passion for backpacks eventually led him to establish his own brand.

Today, Gregory is one of the world’s most well-known pack manufacturers, with a consistent focus on innovative design, quality construction, and exquisite functionality. Wayne’s motto, “You don’t carry it – you wear it!”, has been his philosophy from day one.

When it comes to dynamic suspensions or proper load carrying design, Gregory is the global leader. Wayne believes that the load should not “sit on your back”, but instead feel as if it is part of your body. “After all, a backpack has to fit like a pair of shoes,” he is fond of saying.

Gregory makes packs suitable for Alpine climbing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, backpacking, hiking, and everyday use.

In May, Gregory launched a first-of-its-kind pack collection for plus-size hikers. This line targets hikers of diverse body sizes and shapes and supplies packs that fit and feel comfortable.

As the brand aims to adapt to all customer needs, it has also begun a partnership with Polygiene, with two backpacks in its Spring 2021 collection – the women’s Kalmia 50 and men’s Katmai 55 – featuring Polygiene Stays Fresh.

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