Polygiene and Fossil create ViralOff® treated watches and other personal accessories

junio 30, 2020
Polygiene and Fossil are proud to declare cooperation around products that are often closely worn, frequently touched and therefore should be protected against microbial buildup.

Products being under consideration range from bags to keychains, wallets, watch straps, armbands, to airpod type accessories. The focus will first be on the core business of watches.

“Fossil makes all kinds of personal accessories that you really live with, every day, close to your body and touch very frequently. We of course want to take the lead of making these items protected from buildup. And now that we understand less washing also leads to longer product life, it fits well into our ambitious sustainability goals”, says Kristy Sam, director of Material Innovation at Fossil.

“It is extremely exciting to work on this new frontier with Fossil,” says Bobby Howell, Commercial Director for North America at Polygiene. “These products are almost an extension of one’s self and should both be protected and sustainable. We will work on hitting the sweet spot for these kinds of items as we forge ahead.”

About Fossil
Fossil has always been inspired by American creativity and ingenuity. Since 1984, they have strived to bring new life into the industry by making quality, fashionable watches and accessories that are both fun and accessible, under their own brand, and for some of the greatest brands in the world. They then get the opportunity to bring them to life for their customers across 30,000 points of distribution and 150 countries, including 450 company-owned retail locations. The Fossil Group had a turnover in 2019 in excess of USD 2,200 million.