Polygiene and Eye-care innovator Body Doctor now increase the range of soothing eye compresses and face masks

diciembre 4, 2020
Body Doctor specializes in eye-care, eyelid hygiene products and has transformed the market for eye compresses and continue establishing a pedigree of bringing innovation to the sector with an antibacterial fabric thanks to the partnership with Polygiene®. In addition, Body Doctor will offer their AB+ face masks with Polygiene ViralOff® antimicrobial technology with a launch date in December.

Polygiene Biostatic technology is incorporated in all the Eye Doctor Sterileyes® eye compresses, a unique feature that has become a core component of the company’s overall product offering and performance. With an exclusivity agreement and very strong sales momentum in 2020 – order value of approximately 1 million SEK, Polygiene expects to see even higher numbers in 2021.

“We selected Polygiene for the extensive expertise that was apparent from data supplied and the individuals we worked with. We had full confidence in Polygiene, and they worked with us to ensure that the antibacterial solution supplied would pass the additional rigorous testing we needed to undertake. We needed to ensure that there would be no detrimental effects to individuals applying our coated compresses to their eyes whilst still offering the reassurance of an effective antibacterial on the product. This was a 3 months long test which we passed successfully”, says Sue Grant, founder of Body Doctor.

“It is great to see that Polygiene can add value in new sectors like this, where testing and demands are rigorous – a good example is the Medical Class I approval that the antibacterial compresses have received. We see a long-term partnership with Body Doctor and want to continue being an important part in their successful developments of unique products like the eye compresses”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene.

About Body Doctor

The Body Doctor Ltd was founded in 2012 by Sue Grant and her two sons, Adam & Sam Wymer. Sterileyes®/Polygiene overcomes the difficult challenge of creating an antibacterial fabric that is strong enough to kill bacteria, while also being completely safe to use on and around the eyes. It creates a significant differentiation to all other eye compresses that do not have an anti-bacterial quality. The Eye Doctor is designed to treat some of the most common eye diseases and complaints, like Dry Eye Disease. The AB Mask was created in July 2019. A member of staff that suffers with Cystic Fibrosis asked the company to make a face mask using our antibacterial fabric. As a result, his CF Consultant requested a supply for his patients, we subsequently donated these to the hospital and also the Cystic Fibrosis Care Charity. 2020 of course has seen the Coronavirus pandemic, we have increased production on the AB Mask and now sell the product into general markets as well.


Polygiene Biostatic technology is incorporated in all the Eye Doctor Sterileyes® eye compresses