4 ways to recycle and repurpose your clothes

septiembre 21, 2021

Every September, Recycle Week reminds us to be more conscious of what we do with clothes and other garments that cannot be used anymore. Recycle Week aims to encourage the public to recycle more by demonstrating the benefits of recycling items found around the home. Here are some tips on how to recycle and repurpose your old garments.

Donate clothes to retailers

Textiles take-back programs are where customers can donate unwanted clothing to retailers to reuse or recycle, are vital in developing a more circular fashion industry. In addition, they present an opportunity for clothing brands and retailers to engage with their customers on sustainable practices.

Turn it to cleaning cloths

Another good option that will save you money and help you repurpose old clothing or bedding is cutting and turning them into rags for dusting and cleaning. This way, you reuse otherwise destroyed items and keep your house clean. Win-win!

Cushions stuffing

Fabric scraps could also be used to stuff pillows or pet beds. Cut old clothing, bedding, or even towels into chunks to fill the cushion covers. Old t-shirts or sheets can be used to make inner cushions. Another sustainable money-saving hack on how you can give your old t-shirts another life.


Clothes made of cotton, silk, hemp, and wool are compostable if they aren’t blended with synthetic fibers like polyester. Shred them finely and remove any attachments, like zippers, buttons, or labels, to compost these.

Remember, the sustainable thing you can do is wear your clothes for as long as possible and take better care of them. This way, you will reduce your environmental impact. Then, if you get bored of the clothes, swap with your friends, sell them or donate to those in need.

Fabric scraps could also be used to stuff pillows or pet beds